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The CRANK offers a diverse selection of kayaks from the most respected makers in the business...


RIOT kayaks

Native Watercraft

Heritage Kayaks

Liquid Logic

is a young Canadian company who have already established themselves with their innovative 'reverse hard chine' hulls, which give the paddler exceptional edging ability to carve leaned-turns while reducing wetted-surface in the normal paddling position so as to combine hull efficiency with exceptional handling and stability. They are renowned for the quality of their manufacturing and every one of their products is symbolized by quality, comfort and close attention to detail.

Riot has evolved from a strictly whitewater company to the most extensive and RIOT Sea Kayakscomprehensive kayak manufacturer in the world. From Recreational kayaks, to Touring, Day Touring and composite Expedition Sea kayaks, Riot pushes the limits of design and materials to take their kayaks where no one else has gone. D
esign and precise thickness monitoring to provide strength and rigidity where needed, while reducing the amount of material required in non-stressed areas of the kayak. Thier Cross Light™ kayaks combine the clean, rigid hull and deck shapes with the look of glass kayaks with the durability and strength of plastic. This produces the lightest, strongest and most rigid, environmentally friendly, composite kayaks available.

Native WatercraftThe Marvel series offers a level of flexibility and comfort unlike any other sit-inside kayaks. The First Class™ Seating and Easy Foot™ Footbraces can easily be adjusted for your maximum comfort. In the 12 and 14 foot models you can also adjust the First Class™ Seat to provide extra space for a child or canine passenger. Great for where ever you want to paddle, they are maneuverable in narrow areas but also have great tracking over open water.

Heritage kayaks

Heritage Traditional Kayaks are versatile performers.  Stability and friendly features inspire confidence; light weight for their size makes them easy to transport, and their handsome profiles inspire pride. Whether you have substantial kayaking experience or you are new to the sport, you will love these designs that combine solid performance, great looks, and user-friendly handling characteristics.

Liquid Logic Logo
If your looking for an all around go anywhere kayak that is comfortable, safe and easy to paddle look no further than the Remix XP series. Liquid Logic spared no expense in designing these true “Crossover” kayaks so that you can have the time of your life. The CRANK is proud to offer the new 'Remix'
series from Liquid Logic in 2009!

Certified kayak instruction
is available for flat, coastal and open water (ocean) as well as whitewater paddling. We don't just sell these things you know; we're a serious group of paddle-bums ourselves. Give us the chance, whether with a lesson for you and your family or at one of our free boat demos, to give you a taste of the kayak experience...

Whether you've paddled for years or you're just getting your feet wet, The CRANK will help you find the perfect boat for your adventure on the water!

Here are just a few of the most-popular traditional
(sit-inside) kayaks available at
The CRANK...

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Kayaks are available in Kevlar, carbon Kevlar, fiberglass or rotomolded polyethylene (plastic).


  • Sea & Touring Kayaks


Baffin (plastic sea kayak)

Boreal Epsilon Series

Fjell (with Skeg)



  • Recreational


Ookpik - roomy and open

  • Expedition

Esperanto (Tandem)

 Native Watercraft

  • Recreational

The Marvel series offers a level of flexibility and comfort unlike any other sit-inside kayaks. The First Class™ Seating and Easy Foot™ Footbraces can easily be adjusted for your maximum comfort. In the 12 and 14 foot models you can also adjust the First Class™ Seat to provide extra space for a child or canine passenger. Great for where ever you want to paddle, they are maneuverable in narrow areas but also have great tracking over open water.

 Heritage Kayaks 

  • Touring & Recreational Kayaks

Heritage Featherlite Family...

Featuring the new DVCTM (drains, vents, cushions) Seating System, the FeatherLite 9.5 has all the features of the proven FeatherLite Series with "all-day comfort" for the discriminating paddler. This unsinkable design provides a wide, stable, easy-to-paddle platform; it's user friendly.

The FeatherLite 12 is a "stretched" version of our regular FeatherLite. It offers additional length for speed, and extra volume for more carrying capacity. Super lightweight, it has a very stable hull, and is great for general flatwater paddling. The large, non-confining cockpit is great for taller people and for bringing all that extra gear.

The Featherlite 14 is the fastest FeatherLite in the fleet. Easily steady enough for beginners, but with the performance to also please those with more advanced paddling skills, it features a large non-confining cockpit and our new DVCTM (drains, vents, cushions) Seating System, and bow and stern storage webs. The redesigned stern hatch and bulkhead provide for easy accessible gear options. The molded skeg provides excellent straight line tracking without sacrificing easy turning, while the length and sleek profile allow high sustained cruising speeds. Ideal for all around use, large enough for over-nights (with gear), maneuverable enough to handle in tight quarters, light enough to easily car top, rugged enough to take hard knocks; it's a winning combination!

The Heritage FeatherLite Tandem offers paddlers a beautiful lightweight tandem kayak with two separate and fully equipped cockpits. Each has the new DVCTM (drains, vents, cushions) Seating System for maximum comfort, adjustable foot braces, and convenient access to ample storage above and below deck. This is the perfect kayak for families, couples and pet owners. It's stable, handles well, has a molded skeg for straight-line tracking, and is easy to load. A smaller third passenger or the family pet can even come along for the ride. Unsinkable with built-in flotation in bow and stern, it has a high cruising speed, fine handling characteristics, top quality finish and rugged TUFFLite polyethylene construction. This recreational tandem is faster than most performance solo kayaks.

The fastest member of the FeatherLite™ family is now available in the Elite composite layup.  Easily steady enough for beginners but with performance to please those with more advanced paddling skills.

Heritage Stingray family...

The comfort and excellent initial stability of the Stingray family are all confidence boosters for new paddlers. The hull provides stability, excellent tracking and crisp turning. The short length
and nimbleness suit smaller stature paddlers and the best length for accessing intimate spaces.

The Heritage Pisgah’s classic “shallow V” hull design provides superior stability along with great tracking and speed. Boasting the quietest hull in its class the Pisgah is perfect on peaceful lakes and rivers while its progressive bow to stern rocker provides true seaworthy performance.


  •  Sit-On-Top


The Escape is all about having fun on the water while enjoying the sun. But make no mistake, the Escape is not one of those zigzagging toy kayaks... this kayak is made to go straight and forward! With its stable multi-ridged hull and deep molded-in keel, the Escape will allow you to explore safely, effortlessly and comfortably the meanders of the coast, while its short length let you transport it in the bed of your pick-up or even inside your S.U.V.

  • Recreational


The Quest makes paddling effortless with its Greenland style bow and sure tracking dual channel hull. The Quest's short length allows paddlers of all skill levels and sizes easily maneuver the kayak and enjoy their exploration of the water.

  • Day Touring / Crossover


The Stealth is a remarkably convenient kayak designed with the smaller or lighter paddler in mind. Its light weight and short length allow for easy transportation. The Stealth's unique hull shape ensures straight tracking regardless of wind or waves.

  • Sea & Touring Kayaks 

Tour Lite 15

Perfect for a day trip or a light workout, the Tour Light 15 provides full sized kayak performance in an easy to paddle and transport design. Its clean and pure lines coupled with our
Powerdrive Rudder System® insure a swift and responsive boat whether you’re paddling it on your local lake or are cruising along the coast.

The Tour Lite 15’s symmetrical, flared hull design offers great secondary stability and lets paddlers confidently put the boat on edge to turn or lean into an oncoming wave. Manufactured using our Cross Light® technology, and featuring a multi-chined hull that adds rigidity, the Tour Lite 15 is much stiffer and lighter than similar length polyethylene boats yet more resistant to wear than a kayak constructed of composites.

Attention to detail like the sealed, flesh deck hatches and extensive deck rigging transform the Tour Lite 15 from a daytripper to an overnighter, perfect for an evening away.

Liberty 16

The wind on your face has that gentle marine smell you like so much… Then you stop to enjoy a view of the coast and realize there’s no wind at all! You just found how fast and effortless it is to paddle the Liberty 16, due to its straight rocker line for tracking, round chine for stability and a shallow V hull for speed. The integrated skeg lets you decide... deploy the skeg for enhanced tracking or retract it to concentrate on your paddling stroke.

  • Whitewater