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Longboards for Street Paddling, by Kahuna Creations 


f you've ever daydreamed about stand up paddle surfing to work, the store, around campus, or on the boardwalk, the Kahuna Big Stick is what you've been waiting for. Street paddling has been made a reality by the folks at Kahuna Creations...

Kids love street paddling!T
he Hawaiian Kings invented board riding thousands of years ago, resulting in the creation of all board sports. Those Hawaiian surfers found a purity and freedom that shaped their world.

Kahuna Creations
pays tribute to those ancient board riders by fusing the soul of surfing and the Hawaiian spirit into all their products

Big Stick Classic is a solid oval shaped wooded shaft with a rounded T-grip handle and stationary rubber wheels that grip the pavement and deliver the power of the stroke.

Pro surfer Buttons Kaluhiokalani
The latest pricing from KC’s website puts the Original Wood models retailing for $89.00. Models with Hawaiian print fabric inlays and a carbon fiber weave sheathing retail for $149.00. The sticks come in 4'0", 4'6", 5’0", 5’6”, 6'0"and 6’6" lengths in both Original Wood and Carbon Fiber Weave models. Original wood models weigh only 16 ounces...

So does it have wheels?

he “wheels” are stationary. The rubber is designed with enough grip to grab the pavement with each stroke and yet still allow the rider to lean on the paddle while carving on downhill runs. The wheel shape is used to maximize the life of the rubber. As the rubber wheel wears down on one side, it can be pulled off, rotated, and put back on. 


       Here's a 'right over the wheels' view of land paddling...


   Is the Big Stick used mainly for balance and carving or for propelling These wheels dont roll...yourself forward?

Both - the Kahuna Big Stick eliminates the need to push with your feet. You pull yourself forward with the strokes the same way you use a paddle on a stand up paddleboard.

he stick
is also used to stabilize yourself while turning and carving...

Longboards ride smoothly, and can go fast!

Racing on longboards with The Big Stick

How does the stroke feel as compared to that used on a stand up paddleboard?

It's surprising how close the stroke feels compared to a stand up paddleboard (SUP) stroke. You'd think it would be different, but it's not. The stroke pattern and the muscle groups used feel the same as those used on an SUP. The Big Stick seems to be a great way to train and stay in shape for all your activities when you don't have time to get to the water....    


 Kahuna Creations Longboards

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