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Ground Industries Mountainboards

What is Mountainboarding?

It's like snowboarding but done on grass, dirt or pavement. With a mountainboard your terrain is limitless & you can ride ALL YEAR LONG!

Ride Guide Video -- Introduction to Mountainboarding...


The History Channel-- All about Mountainboarding...

Mountainboards from MBS...

MBS’ carveboard line
is seriously off the hook! The ultimate street carving machines these boards feature street ready “Roadie” tires for the ultimate carving experience. Ranging in price from $199.95 to $359.95 MBS’ carveboard line has a board for every budget and level of riding.  



See the full Carve Board Line HERE

BS’ recreational level mountainboard line features the Atom 80X and 95X both coming stock with MBS’ V series hand held brake system. With prices starting at $149.95 the Atom line is a great place to start exploring the sport of mountainboarding.




See the full Atom Line HERE

MBS’ advanced level mountainboard line features the Core 90 and Core 95, two of MBS’ top selling boards. ATS and Vector trucks along with F2 Bindings give these boards everything you need to charge the hill. With prices ranging from $199.95 to $299.95 the MBS Core line of boards are a great value!.

See the full Core Line HERE

BS’ expert level
mountainboard line features the Comp 90, Comp 95 and Comp 95X boards. These are fantastic boards and feature F4 Series Bindings and Power Lam Decks! Ranging in price from $369.95 to $469.95 the Comp series boards are feature packed and ready to roll!

See the full Comp Line HERE

BS ‘s premiere mountainboard line, the Pro line features our highest end components for the highest level riding. The MBS Pro line ranges from $499.95 to $599.95 and represent MBS’s top end freestyle, boardercross and kite boards. The Pro line uses high-end components such as MBS’ Matrix Pro Trucks, Rockstar Pro Hubs and Reverse Cap Construction (RCC) decks for a bullet-proof and precise ride.

See the full Pro Line HERE

Mountainboards from Ground Industries:

Here is a wonderful video introduction to the sport and just plain FUN of Mountainboarding - featuring Ground Industries boards in a suburban setting doing what no skateboard can ever do... grass, steps, rough stone, bricks, coblestones, etc. Check this out and then come on in to The CRANK for your own demo of these amazing rides...

Ground Industries Akoni Kama Pro board is the most technically advanced Akoni Kama Pro BoardGround Board on the market. A five year collaboration with Akoni Kama, this is the board that AK himself rides.

Designed to his specifications, made with reverse cap Heliocore construction and incorporating carbon fiber, the deck is made to perform. Complimented with the all new Bionic Spring Trucks with Titanium Axles, Terraintula Hubs, Talon Bindings & M.A.K. Tires the AK Pro is the Ultimate All Mountain ride.