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   Come and Join Us every Tuesday!

The Cranky-dudes (and chicks) are out most Tuesday evenings on Blue Marsh Lake in Berks County, PA. We have demo boards for you to try, and we'll show you how to get started...

All you have to do is give us a call at The CRANK and let us know that you'd like to come out and join us! Just be sure and wear something you don't mind getting wet on your feet and below the knees. This IS a watersport after all...

Join us for a quiet evening paddle and find out if the fastest-growing watersport is America is for you!

We already KNOW it's for US!

Racing on SUPs

Stand-Up-Paddleboarding is the latest development in watersports and fitness and we carry the newest boards from Surftech, Tahoe, Native Watercraft and HobieSUP, is a sport where you stand (kneel or sit) on a surfboad-like platform and use a very long canoe-style paddle to get yourself around the water...

SUP's are great for river tripping...

Some basic river running. from ken hoeve on Vimeo. 

In this next video (below), an SUP rider comes down throught the whitewater in the standard paddling stance (feet even and parallel), then turns and paddles back up the current to a standing wave, which he then surfs in the side stance (one foot forward and one back)...  This is FUN!

Take a look...   




 History of SUP:

Standup paddle boarding has come a long way from its roots where it was first used by Hawaii's famous beachboys. 

Safe and fun for the whole family!

In the late 90's, Laird Hamilton and a core community of extreme watermen re-introduced the sport of standup paddle surfing as a phenomenal cross-training activity that kept them in the water regardless of conditions.

Go anywhere on a paddleboard

From carving turns on waves to crossing massive distances on the open ocean, these core individuals have sparked a revolution in how we view our oceans, lakes and waterways. 

Adventures in paddleboarding? You bet!

Evolving from this small group of dedicated surfers, standup paddling and standup paddle surfing have quickly gained popularity worldwide as one of the most exciting new water sports.

Surftech SUP... 

urftech, our leading brand at The CRANK, is committed to creating the highest quality SUP's. Whether you are surfing Jersey Shore waves or looking for the optimal board for the lake in your backyard, we welcome you to come and demo their newest line of SUP's.
You can surf anywhere on an SUP!

We are currently stocked with a full line of Surftech SUP's to see and demo, including models like the French 10'6" & 11'6", the Laird 11'6", 12'1" & the Pearson Arrow Laird 14'0" flatwater racing board. We also have the Joe Bark 14'0" expedition board in our showroom.

 NEW from Surftech!


Surftech BARK Dominator paddleboard

The NEW Bark 14' Dominator with Pro-Elite construction is here!

These boards feature Pro-Elite - Surftech’s premiere light weight performance construction.  Pro-Elite Construction is lighter than Tuflite. These super-lightweight boards have a 1 lb. fused-cell EPS core (no stringer), and custom glassing for a one-of-a-kind, super racy look on the water.

Glassing details:

The deck utilizes two layers of fiberglass, re-enforced with high-density sheet foam in heavy-impact areas. And the bottom features one layer of fiberglass combined with a full layer of biaxial/carbon.

These boards are all hand-sanded and polished

MSRP $2,359.00

Tahoe Stand Up Paddleboards... 

This line of absolutely BEAUTIFUL boards is new at The CRANK. We saw these (and paddled them) at the EORA show in August and we blown away by the looks, craftsmanship and their amazing way of slicing water in two like racing boards while providing the stability of a recreational SUP.

Winter SUPing on the lake

Tahoe SUP with sailboatTahoe makes this happen by virtue of their displacement hull design, which pierces the water as you paddle through it, instead of riding over the top of it. These boards are not designed so much for surfing as they are for touring and distance performance.

Each model comes with on board bungee storage and tie-downs for any equipment that you might want to take, whether for day-tripping or camping adventures.

Take your best friend with you on an SUP!
Combine all this performance with smooth, soft foot pads and a special 'tight-grip' carrying handle that makes these boards super easy to carry and load (especially appealing to our female paddlers who sometimes lack the upper-body strength and reach to easily car-top kayaks and heavy boards) and you have a unique SUP that can't be beat for flatwater paddling and touring.

Tahoe SUP models we carry:

Click on pictures to open manufacturer's web info...

The Tahoe SUP Bliss is designed specifically for women. The Bliss is the first Tahoe Bliss SUPboard to address the needs of women paddlers with their reduced reach and lighter weight who also want that competitive edge. Compared to other stand up paddleboards, the Bliss is a hybrid composite displacement hull board with a race profile and a recessed central platform to reduce board volume and increase stability. The narrower nose helps to prevents digging the rails.
he is . The Bliss is the first board to address the needs of women paddlers with their who also want that competitive edge. Compared to other stand up paddleboards, the Bliss is a hybrid composite displacement hull board with a race profile and a recessed central platform to reduce board volume and increase stability. The narrower nose helps to prevents digging the rails.





The bamboo, graphics and trim of the Bliss make it possibly the most beautiful SUP on the market today. Paddle one and you'll want one - the wonder SUP for women: the Tahoe Board Works Bliss.   Weight - 25 lbs.

For more experienced paddlers, we offer the Tahoe Zephyr 12' - a Tahoe Zephyr Bambootech 12 SUPtruly lightweight composite stand up paddle board. The Zephyer boards are the fastest stand up boards we have ever paddled and the first to actually get up on a plane. The original displacement hull Zephyr has been winning races throughout 2009 and for the new season Tahoe SUP has made the Zephyr even faster with a recessed stability platform and a higher nose and rocker. Tahoe SUP has also incorporated their new Bamboo Technology. This sustainably grown wood makes the Zephyr extra rigid without a stringer! Even if racing isn't your scene, the Zephyr has all the features for touring including the multiple attachment points, bungee system, comfort pad and carry handle.   Weight - 27 lbs.

or larger paddlers, with more strength and a need for more speed Tahoe SUP Zephyr 14or the ability to carry extra weight in gear (camping, fishing, etc.), we also have the Tahoe Zephyr 14', which is essentially the same board as the Zephyr 12' but with an extra two feet of length (and an extra five pounds of weight).

We've paddled both Zephyr models and recommend the 14' model for paddlers of good strength over 190 lbs. or so. Paddlers under that weight will find the 12' model to have more stability and be easier to handle for them.
Weight - 32 lbs.

Native Watercraft

Native Watercraft have designed a stand up paddle board for fishing.

As with most of their designs, they started out to create a board thinking that if it provided a successful platform for fly fishing, it would also provide a successful platform for other types of fishing.

They also wanted to follow the Native American technique of designing or building watercraft that can be paddled or poled efficiently and effectively

They're here at the store and we invite you to take a spin on the demo models. 

These will take you into the 'skinny water' where no one else can go. 

Native Watercraft models we carry...

The Versa Board and Osceola are each unique paddleboards unlike anything else on the market. The Versa Board has a drop down skeg that allows it to quickly adapt from swift moving water to flat calm water whether you are sitting or standing! The Osceola is extremely light and combines the flat standing room of a paddleboard with the agility and stability of a kayak hull. Both boards offer a fun new way to experience your favorite waterways.

Versa Board 

The Versa Board is stable, comfortable and maneuverable whether you are sitting or standing. The unique spring-loaded retractable skeg allows it to go beyond the standard SUP into almost any angling or paddling environment

Native Watercraft Versa Board
Length: 12' 3" / 373cm
Width: 33" / 84cm
Weight: 55 lbs / 25 kg

Osceola Elite Paddleboard

his elegant design reflects the marriage of traditional Native American dugouts and today’s technology. Named after the Seminole chief whose people relied on stand up dugouts for transportation and trade. The Osceola is great for stand up paddling, shallow water poling, or sight fishing.

Osceola Paddleboard
Length: 12' / 366 cm
Width: 30" / 76 cm
Weight: 36 lbs / 16 kg

Hobie SUPs we have in stock:

10'6 ATR

A great board for paddling or surfing. The 10’6” is ideal for surfing in surf from 1’ to 10’+, and a perfect fit for smaller paddlers who want a board that paddles with ease and stability.

Take a friend paddleboarding (Hobie ATR 12)