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Traditional Archery

Striker Bows
offer a superb combination of quality, speed, accuracy
and light weight, and are a moderately-priced way to get into high quality traditional archery.

We use these bows ourselves and can attest to their build quality and performance. 

This is one bow that won't weigh you down during a long day of hunting or 3-D shooting. We used these bows ourselves at this year's ETAR event and were just thrilled with their easy-to-carry performance and light weight.

For more info about ETAR...
Here is a YouTube video of the 2015 ETAR rendezvous:

Striker Bows - Sport Colorline...

These bows are a bright new addition to our already popular Striker Sport 58" reflex deflex longbow model. Choose one of these color options and add it to your Sport riser, overlays, and tips for a unique combination. Available in 30-60# draw weight ranges in 5# increments. Each bow will show the exact poundage within the poundage range.

Colorline Color options include:

Bows can be ordered in Exotic Woods...

...or in Action Woods...

Original Sport Colorline bows are still available with the more subtle accent color lines too...

Fedora Bows

We are proud to carry original Fedora bows, hand-crafted by Mike Fedora of Richland, PA, including the following models:
and Take Down bows too...

The CRANK is an authorized Dealership for:
Lancaster Archery

Many other bow brands and accessories are available

Archery Accessories:

  • Arrows
  • Custom-Build Arrows
  • Targets
  • Quivers
  • Bowstrings
  • Gloves/Tabs
  • Silencers/Whiskers
  • Bow Cases
  • Bow Squares
  • Stringers
  • String Keepers
  • Tip Guards
  • Rug/Leather Rests
  • Broadheads
  • Field Tips
  • Arm Guards
  • String Wax
  • ATV Gun and Bow Racks
e always provide full, expert service in bow set-up and chronographing, as well as basic instruction in shooting technique to help you or your child get off to a great start with your new equipment!