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Liquid Logic REMIX Series

It is often said that there is gap in kayak design, that no “one” kayak excels in whitewater yet carries speed across flat calm lakes and slow moving rivers… that is until now. The Remix XP was designed to bridge the gap between the two Liquid Logic Logoonce and for all. The Remix XP is an extension of our popular river runner series and although its roots are firmly planted in whitewater the XP’s extended waterline allows it to cruise the flats with ease. The XP has and integral skeg which when deployed offers superb tracking but with the skeg tucked away the XP offers the agility needed to excel on whitewater.

If your looking for an all around go anywhere kayak that is comfortable, safe and easy to paddle look no further than the Remix XP series. Liquid Logic spared no expense in designing these true “Crossover” kayaks so that you can have the time of your life. The CRANK is proud to offer the new 'Remix'
series from Liquid Logic in 2009!

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Liquid Logic REMIX XP9

Liquid Logic REMIX XP10

RIOT Magnum 80

From Iceland to South America the word has spread and pieces of evidence have been left all over the place: the Magnum is your best bet if you want to tackle the biggest and steepest waters this planet has to offer. Some say it is all in the way its sleek deck shape and rocker profile make it resurface gradually without throwing you on your back. Others say the way we shaped the tail and worked the volume behind the cockpit, keeps you from being pushed in into bad corners and prevents stern squirts, so you get exactly where you want to be in the first place. Our take on that matter? Provide paddlers with thoughtfully designed, down-river tools to express themselves and you won’t believe what your eyes will see.

Necky Crux (cloud - poly)
List: $1,150  Sale: $460 (60% off)

The Crux represents Necky's next evolutionary step in creeking. Long months of tweaking and careful evaluation resulted in a kayak that handles big hydraulics with poise and resurfaces after big drops like a champ. The Crux has surprising speed for its length and punches holes with authority. Shorter, quicker, and more controlled, the Crux still has enough volume for multi-day trips for the hardcore boater.

Necky Mission (lime - poly)
List: $1,150  Sale: $690 (40% off)

Conceived as a super fun, river-running playboat, the Mission has enough volume for all-day comfort and predictable handling in grabby hydraulics and squirrelly eddies. Pronounced bow and stern rocker yields easy surfing performance and loose, forgiving spins and play. A tucked rail keeps edges out of trouble in trashy holes, while still generating good carving ability on a wave. Whether the Mission is to nail your first clean flat spin, perfect the stern squirt or surf until sunset, the innovative recoil outfitting, good foot room and predictable performance will keep you grinning from ear to ear. "Mission accomplished."

2004 Buyer's Guide
Outside Magazine Online

Why It Rules:

Check out this river runner's design: Semisoft edges make for good stability in grabby water, yet offer all the carve necessary for sharp turns, while large bow volume maximizes legroom and helps prevent pearling by keeping your nose out of trouble. » Though not built specifically for play, the slim, lengthy rear makes stern squirts a snap. » The Mission travels fast: invaluable when trying to catch a wave or paddle a few miles of flatwater. » Though kayakers of all sizes easily fit into this boat—it's a full foot longer than the Necky Vibe—the Mission is perfect for larger paddlers. » Outfitting is simple yet effective, with an improved backband and thigh braces that are solid without being intrusive.

Necky Jive (midnight red/blue - poly)
List: $900     Sale: $450 (50% off)

This smooth paddling river running boat combines good speed and tracking with a playful planing hull. The 8'10" is very predictable in big water and has the performance to make those harder moves easier. The double chined planing hull makes it fun to play both horizontally and vertically, while the slightly higher volume gives the paddler a very confortable fit.