About Us


The CRANK  is a lot more than a Pro bike & paddle-sports shop. Owner Sean  Christian is extremely proud of the shop's reputation for having the  best-informed customers and the highest-quality equipment and  instruction in Southeastern PA. His enthusiasm for outdoor adventure is  contagious, and you'll know the minute you stop in that you've found  your place for cycling, archery, paddling and outdoor adventure gear!

While other shops are primarily interested in making a quick sale, The CRANK focuses on building a relationship with each customer we serve. We know that the best way to keep you coming back is to take the time to get to know you and your needs so that you can enjoy the outdoors as much as we do!

That's why The Crank is a bicycle, archery and kayak Pro Shop - it's not  enough to just carry the equipment. The Crank has the expertise to set  it up, work on it and get it right the first time!

The Crank's History and Philosophy

The CRANK was established in 1989 with both the recreational and competitive cycling enthusiast in mind.  Since then, we have expanded to include archery, paddling and outdoor adventure gear as well as a strong presence in the sport of BMX racing

Sean brings over 40 years of competitive cycling and bicycle mechanic experience to The CRANK.  Beginning his cycling career at 11, Sean quickly rose through the ranks  of BMX racing, spending his first six months at beginner, the next year  at novice and the remaining 9 years as expert, racing in both local and  nationally ranked events.

Looking for a new challenge, Sean switched to mountain bike racing and  again competed at the expert/pro level for over 10 years.

With his love of sports, Sean also became a nationally certified fitness trainer and certified BCU 4-Star sea kayaker. In keeping with his focus on having the best-informed customers in the business, we offer ACA/BCUcertified instruction for paddler's of all experience levels.

Making his life's work out of his passion for cycling, archery, paddling, fitness, and outdoor adventure, Sean purchased The CRANK  in May, 2001, where he had already worked as co-manager and chief  mechanic for over 9 years. Now at our new location in Wernersville, PA  he looks forward to expanding our product lines and reputation for fair  prices, excellent service and high quality repairs. 

Customers & Companies requested, and we listened; The Crank has expanded their outdoor expertise to better help and support the TRADITIONAL ARCHERY LOVER... offering the same high quality service, proper bow and / or arrow selection and personal one-on-one instruction.  

Whether you play outside or inside, look to The CRANK for all your cycling, archery, paddling, fitness and outdoor adventure needs!

Sean would like to do everything he can to make sure you...

Shop Smart... Play Hard!